Sunday, February 19, 2012

WOW is a Way Of Working...

Back to my favourite subject...

Okay okay, you knew at some point I'd have to go back to PIXAR, but the simple truth is that a WOW brand has to be great on the inside and the outside. Watching the video above and reading this link, its easy to see that the end product that we know and love so much comes from a group of people with an out and out passion for perfection, in virtually every element of process of creating and bringing to life these movies that bind us to our kids. What comes across even more is that they and have a great deal of fun doing it...

You get every impression that the terms 'the company' and 'the people' are completely interchangeable, as PIXAR consistently manages to harness the skills, creativity and character of its people into the movies it creates... Makes you want to change jobs, doesn't it?

Some might think but think its because they're in a business that requires serious creativity, but then I think that the differentiators in any business and their brands is when they stand out by doing something different, based of the belief that it will stand them apart.


  1. Interesting (and inspiring) stuff. I wonder if successful brands stand out because they project an image of being different or because they actually are different. It has been said that if you want to know what somebody truly believes in then look at how they truly behave. I suspect that a company can project a false image (whether by accident or by design), but eventually differences between image and action will become apparent. A company like Pixar has the inherent advantage of working in a medium that is (literally) about projecting images. In other market segments the creation of such an appealing brand is a greater challenge, Consider, for example, a company making sewage management systems. However, if such an organisation can move in the Pixar direction brand-wise, - even in a modest way - I suspect that the benefits would be disproportionately greater.

  2. Very interesting and insightful posts!

  3. Based on the first comment in the thread, I really really wanted it to be PIXAR that did "Flushed Away"

  4. Great little video
    also check out a great bok called I WISH I WORKED THERE

    also check out
    I go here every few weeks and have had great fun on the slide. It really is a super cool place but not as cool as the secret LEGO concept Lab. But you wont see pics of that any time soon.

    Graham Bishop

  5. heya chaz some interesting things to ponder about here. But i wonder as to whether the will to create something different comes first or the brand. I think the passion that being involved and passionate about something leads to a something good which then leads to a good brand, something that contributes to the cultural evolution of all of us...

    ameet singh

  6. Good stuff Chaz, thought provoking and a good read... For me great brands are a 'promise', insofar as they implicitly connect consumer or customer perception with that which they offer... As long as the expectation (+ve) is matched by the delivery, a given brand will tend to flourish...

  7. Pixar’s films are great, the public love to watch them, and peers think highly of them. To feel a contributing part of that must make you feel really motivated.

    I think the leadership of a WOW brand creates a long term positive cycle culture, where they create great products, which creates a great brand, which attracts great staff, which create great products etc...The example of restarting 'Toy Story 2' after 3 years development shows real courage by the leadership to chase excellence.

    Good work Chaz, really enjoying the site.