IT #3 The WOW starts early...

My good friend and design svengali Sven Vogel (ha! Sven the Svengali) sent me the video above. As a parent I'm not surprised at how quickly kids form associations with the things around them (their minds are like sponges you know), and we all feel the WOW when the kid shouts 'Disney' excitedly. I'll also bet that the 'golden arches' have never been described as an 'M' made out of fries- brilliant!

The thing that left me speechless was when she also got the Starbucks association with coffee shops, so if kids also pick up so easily on their parents loves I'd better stop taking Mia to the betting shop (yes I'm only kidding... really...).


  1. the "M" made out of fries just goes to show the great imagination kids have. Go on, invite them to your next Brainstorm!


  2. I'd love to try this out on our kids!

    1. OMG, I don't have children but this kid's knowledge of some brands is astonishing and rather worrisome!

      Absolutely second the idea of kids at brainstorming sessions :)