IT #4 WOW is a Way Of Working

Back to my favourite subject...

Okay okay, you knew at some point I'd have to go back to PIXAR, but the simple truth is that a WOW brand has to be great on the inside and the outside. Watching the video above and reading this link, its easy to see that the end product that we know and love so much comes from a group of people with an out and out passion for perfection, in virtually every element of process of creating and bringing to life these movies that bind us to our kids. What comes across even more is that they and have a great deal of fun doing it...

You get every impression that the terms 'the company' and 'the people' are completely interchangeable, as PIXAR consistently manages to harness the skills, creativity and character of its people into the movies it creates... Makes you want to change jobs, doesn't it?

Some might think but think its because they're in a business that requires serious creativity, but then I think that the differentiators in any business and their brands is when they stand out by doing something different, based of the belief that it will stand them apart.


  1. OK this is not really related to the above topic but a suggestion for a discussion on your course. We are increasingly seeing the groundswell of an anti-brand movement. Perhaps not in the Naomi Klein (No Label) sense but in the sense that consumers are increasingly marketing literate and are becoming fed up with shallow promises brands make, the sometimes ridiculous pricing, misrepresentation of women, etc etc .. . This is the trend that is fuelling new kinds of brands like ebay, wikipedia, freecycle, zipcar, airbnb, car sharing schemes etc etc . all kinds of brands that are more community based and integrate personal relationships in their model. The brand alows you to have a relationship with other people rather than with itself. I guess the question is - in this changing world, will wow today be wow tomorrow? How would each of the brands being presented reinvent itself to facilitate human connection. Tobacco brands are interesting in this respect.

  2. You make two important points HG. I think the anti-brand movement you mention is directly related to anti-condescending-and-less-than-truthful-marketing sentiments. I won't buy Colgate toothpaste because of their stupid ads! I've also seen how members of my own family are drawn to brands that are truthful in their message and their delivery.

    My guess is that finding an honest and community-aware message and business model is what will maintain wow tomorrow for a wow product of today.